Thursday 02 April 2020 - Nortech Comms

Nortech has launched a new addition to its VMS product range – a high-intensity full colour parking guidance sign, designed to successfully regulate vehicle’s flow within a parking facility.

Finding a parking space is a bane of drivers’ lives, and a costly customer experience issue for businesses and organisations with an inefficient parking management system in place. More and more drivers choose to avoid driving to shops, hotels, restaurants and other venues due to the problems of finding a parking space.

This issue calls for an effective car park guidance solution to enable drivers to easily navigate car park and find available spaces as quickly as possible. This is where Nortech’s VMS-RGB-08A-P comes into play.

This high intensity, full colour LED sign offers bright, clear messages indicating available spaces or status messages along with guidance arrows to guide visitors towards available spaces. The sign has 10cm high characters and can be viewed at distances of up to 35 metres with a 120º viewing angle. The luminance of the signs can also be manually adjusted to match ambient light levels.

The VMS-RGB-08A-P uses low profile LED matrices and is capable of displaying count values of up to 5 digits with the option to display ‘FULL’ when a count value falls below 1.

The default setting provides automatic luminance adjustment using the built-in ambient light sensor. Depending upon the application, up to eight signs can be connected on a single RS485 bus, each displaying a different count value.

It’s truly a simple and cost-effective way to address some of the key challenges and issues private car parks are facing at the moment:

Confused, angry drivers and low customer experience due to the lack of vehicle guidance and not being able to find a parking space quickly enough;

Congestion and busy private parks, as there is no system in place to notify whether the car park is full or if there are still spaces available;

Rising pollution levels – traffic jams have an enormous effect on pollution in our cities. Recent studies showed that 30% of traffic congestions are the result of drivers searching for a parking spot.

Therefore, by implementing an efficient parking guidance system in place, you don’t only improve your customer satisfaction, but you also have the opportunity to improve the environment and stop contributing to the rising pollution levels in urban areas.