TDSi Launches New Track and Trace Function to Help Customers Manage COVID-19 Containment

Friday 01 May 2020 - Simon Hewitt/Graham Thatcher

New module for security manufacturer’s EXgarde security management software helps all types of organisation track potential infection transmission, using access control data

Poole, 1st May 2020 – Integrated security manufacturer TDSi is proud to announce the launch of the new free Track and Trace module for its powerful EXgarde security management software. Track and Trace is designed to help organisations investigate and map the movement of people potentially infected with COVID-19 (or any other dangerous pathogen), so those who have come into potential contact can isolate or seek medical testing/assistance. 

TDSi’s Managing Director, John Davies commented, “The Track and Trace module has been rapidly developed in response to global requirements to help contain and fight the spread of COVID-19. Access control systems are very well placed to not only restrict movement but also to accurately record it. TDSi has an ongoing mission of delivering peace of mind, so we are offering Track and Trace as a free download to all users of EXgarde as part of our commitment to help organisations meet the current pandemic needs and requirements.” 
TDSi’s Track and Trace module uses the company’s powerful EXgarde software to make a detailed database enquiry, reporting on the movements of specific individuals as they pass through secured access points. 
Installed as an application in the EXgarde system, it gives an accurate account of other individuals that have used access points that the infectious person has been in contact with. This data helps managers assess and test those in potential danger of infection, as well as enabling the cleaning of relevant areas and the introduction of isolation measures where appropriate. 

John added, “A big part of bringing the COVID-19 pandemic to heel is tracking infections and preventing the further spread of the disease. We have already seen the likes of Apple and Google working on smartphone apps to track contact by infected people, but this requires individuals to actively participate. On the other hand, electronic access control systems do not just rely on people having the right device and app in place, they can track anyone who enters a secured area via their credentials.”

As a free addition to TDSi EXgarde installations, Track and Trace is perfect for any type of organisation and facility. From office and business premises (ranging from SMEs to large multi-national Enterprise), to factories and logistics centres, utilities sites, schools, universities (including multi-site and large campuses), and crucial hospitals and healthcare centres. 

At any given time, EXgarde provides a quick but detailed view of how many occupants are within a designated area, with all the access events of any keyholder. Operators can use the TDSi EXPostOffice tool to get notifications of events (focusing on specific key holders and/or the readers that have been touched). 

John concluded, “Governments around the world are setting in motion plans for testing, tracking and tracing as a way of bringing their populations and economies out of lockdown. Security systems can play a vital part in assisting in these efforts. TDSi is immensely proud to be assisting by ensuring our systems enable security operators to take a decisive lead in limiting the spread of infection.”

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