IFSEC and FIREX International partner with Skills for Security to launch an exclusive digital career development programme

Friday 19 June 2020 - IFSEC comms

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Taking place entirely online on 22–25 June, Skills for Security’s leading industry experts will deliver four CPD-accredited training courses aimed at fire and security installers, integrators and engineers, covering the latest in legislation, best practice, compliance and technical skills.


It is an innovative way to stay ahead of the fire and security sectors during the lockdown, helping you refresh your knowledge and add new skills that you may otherwise miss out on.


The sessions will focus on the following critical topics


  • 22 June: Intruder Alarm Design and Surveying, covering how to survey sites for a compliant alarm system
  • 23 June: Advanced Signalling, including requirements and standards of the different transmission types
  • 24 June: Fire Alarm Design, covering the purpose of fire alarms and best practice for installing and managing them
  • 25 June: VVS Survey and Design, featuring information about risk assessments, surveying and operational requirements


Each training session is totally free-to-attend, making them the perfect opportunity to improve your knowledge, develop your skills and advance your career, all from the comfort of your home or workplace.


David Scott, Managing Director of Skills for Security said:


“These Skills for Security webinars are an opportunity for experienced fire and security professional to refresh or upskills their current knowledge. The technical training webinars explore a range of topics related to surveying, designing systems to ensure compliance with the most prevalent standards and legislation.


“The first round of technical training webinars were hugely successful, with over 600 CPD certificates released on completion of the online assessment. Feedback from participants highlighted the importance and relevance of these training courses in ensuring compliance with the latest standards and codes of practice. Delivered by a fully qualified fire and security engineer, the courses deliver vital knowledge and understanding needed to prosper in the fire and security industry.


“Delivered via webinar these small, manageable courses are changing the way training is delivered in the fire and security industry.”


Joe Sheppard, Brand & Marketing Manager at CSL said:


“CSL is pleased to be backing the new Training Week initiative from Skills for Security and IFSEC International, and will be exclusively supporting the ‘Advanced Signalling’ session on 23 June. We see Training Week as an essential opportunity for online development during this time while it is not possible for security professionals to attend training courses in person.


“We know from our long-standing involvement with Skills For Security and the Engineers of Tomorrow Competition, that the sessions will be expertly delivered, highly engaging and, as they’re CPD-accredited, crucial for continuing development.”


Mike Reddington, CEO of BSIA said:


‘’BSIA and Skills for Security are excited to be working with our partners at IFSEC International on the brand-new Training Week initiative. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, BSIA has provided leadership and guidance for our members and the wider security sector through a variety of strategic initiatives. Training Week therefore is another example of where we can collaborate with a key partner to deliver tangible value for the security sector and ensure it remains technically skilled and equipped through these challenging times.


“Online learning, training and development are now permanent fixtures in everyone’s professional lives, so the opportunity to provide complimentary training for security professionals is another example of where BSIA and Skills for Security can lay new pathways to future growth and prosperity.’’


Clym Brown, Marketing Director of Texecom said:


“Texecom has been committed to the training and development of security professionals for many years via our Texecom Academy programme, so we’re pleased to support Skills for Security and IFSEC International with the launch of Training Week and in particular the Surveying Intruder Alarms session on 22 June.


“From our work with Skills for Security on the Engineers of Tomorrow programme, both parties are dedicated to raising standards and capabilities within the sector which makes an online learning opportunity at this time a welcome addition. We look forward to supporting Training Week and wish it every success.”


Gerry Dunphy, Strategy Director of IFSEC and FIREX International said:


“We’re delighted to partner with Skills for Security to deliver this programme of unmissable training sessions. Many of us are struggling to stay up-to-date with industry developments, or to access career development during the lockdown, so these sessions are an excellent opportunity to keep up with career development, as well as an essential link to the security and fire sectors.


“We hope to see installers, integrators and engineers from across the fire and security sectors take this unique opportunity to continue developing their career even during this challenging time.”


To seize this unmissable opportunity to attend Training Week for free, simply visit our website to register your interest in as many sessions as you wish.


If you’re interested in getting involved with Training Week as a sponsor, please get in touch with us to find out more about our sponsorship options.