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Wednesday 08 July 2020 - Securitas UK

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As the work of security officers remains largely unrecognised outside the industry, Securitas commissioned a series of three short movies to showcase the critical role they have played in helping prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Earlier this year, as news spread of the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic, countries across the world went into lockdown.

From small local businesses to national institutions, millions of people have had their lives put on hold as we’ve faced the challenges of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

However, the crisis has brought out the very best in people. Our communities and neighbours have stood together, we’ve celebrated the dedication and commitment of our NHS workers and we’ve been moved to tears by the charity fund raising efforts of exceptional human beings such as Captain Tom.

And yet, in the face of such adversity, a silent, often unseen army of critical workers have been keeping businesses, properties and communities safe across the UK.

From highly trained security operatives manning 24/7 operations centres, to front-line security officers and mobile patrol teams, the role of the security professional has never been more important.

And yet the work of our officers still remains largely unrecognised outside the industry.

“Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, our roles have been even more demanding. We’ve had to be even more vigilant and carry out extra duties with added responsibilities.” explains Ian McCulloch, Mobile Patrol Officer, Securitas UK. 

“As critical workers, we are essential in helping to prevent the spread of the virus. COVID -19 is on my mind, all the time and I’m proud of the work I do.  I feel a huge sense of pride knowing that I’m helping prevent the spread of the virus and keeping people safe.”  Ian continued.

Understandably, clients have been very worried about the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic and as lockdown eases a "normal" return to work is proving to be even more challenging.

Manpower levels and costs need careful consideration given the additional safety and security measures which must be put in place.  

Danny Williams, Chief Operating Officer, Securitas UK explains “From the outset we have worked closely with our clients to proactively manage the risk of infection on-site.

We’ve completed detailed security and risk assessments and provided expert guidance and advice, to make sure every aspect of our clients’ unique security and safety provision are met. 

And as our officers interact with clients and the general public at sites across the UK on a daily basis, it is very important they understand what they need to do to avoid any transmission risk.

Many procedures have changed and there are lots of new guidelines so clear instructions, training and regular updates are essential in helping our officers interact safely with colleagues, clients and the wider general public.”

So it’s clear that the role of security professionals, and particularly our front line officers has never been more important; the breadth of their knowledge and the skills they employ, have kept millions of people safe as we have navigated our way through the challenges of lockdown and we move to getting the UK economy back on it’s feet.

In sharing his personal reflections on working throughout the pandemic, Ian commented: “All the precautions are reassuring but the virus has been on my mind, all the time.  I’ve needed to take much more care as I don’t want to spread the virus to my family, my colleagues or to the public.

I’m even more vigilant – and I’m almost obsessive about cleaning vehicles, devices and keys!  I keep hand sanitiser with me at all times, I use gloves and I wear a face mask. The work is very demanding now but for me it comes with a sense of pride.  My job is more important than ever -I’m proud to be keeping our clients safe, knowing that their business is OK in this time of need.”

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