Cyber Security Product Assurance Group (CySPAG)

The BSIA has long been concerned with the ever-increasing use of internet-connected devices and systems in electronic security and how the growing links to home and business networks can leave individuals and companies vulnerable to cyberattacks.

In response to this, the BSIA have formed an interest group known as the Cyber Security Product Assurance Group (CySPAG), the group is made up of member companies and other stakeholders from a range of industry sub-sectors and subject matter experts who are focused on reducing the risk of product-related cybercrime.  

CySPAG met for the first time in 2017 to define its objectives and lay the groundwork for future projects aiming to provide the professional electronic security industry with the tools and materials that enable security companies to manage the cybersecurity impact of their products and systems.

This interest group is well-attended and actively engaged in developing standards, guidance and education to support product manufacturers, specifiers and installers in managing their cybersecurity risks. 

The group endeavours to take a practical approach and recognise that there is a combined stakeholder effort in providing a cyber secure solution, i.e. it takes some effort from the manufacturers, designers, and installers working in collaboration along with ongoing support and maintenance to provide a cyber secure solution.

End users also play a huge part in cybersecurity and must be made aware of their role in keeping their system secure, not only in practically managing cyber impacts on their installed system but also in making an informed choice when selecting an appropriate company to supply, install and maintain their connected security system.

The cybersecurity landscape of risks and threats is continually evolving, therefore the challenge is to support innovation in our industry while preventing the introduction of unacceptable risks.  CySPAG’s core focus is to evaluate the cyber security landscape and develop ways in which these risks and threats can be mitigated.

Managing cybersecurity risk is vitally important for the reputation of the professional electronic security industry as a whole and cannot be ignored, if you wish to join this group and have a say in the future of cybersecurity in our industry then please email the Technical team with your request and contact details.

This interest group is open to all members of the BSIA.

Chair: Glenn Foot

Glenn is the Chair for the Cyber Security Product Assurance Group (CySPAG)

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The CySPAG Manufacturer's Registration Scheme

CySPAG has produced a registration scheme for security equipment manufacturers. It is a self-declaration and registration scheme based on the requirements of BSIA Form 343 Manufacturers of safety and security systems cybersecurity code of practice. 

Guidance produced by CySPAG

For Members Only

Installation of Safety and Security Systems: Cybersecurity Code of Practice (form 342)

An Installer's Guide to Internet Protocol (IP) in the Security Industry (form 210)

Cyber Secure It - Best Practice Guidelines for Connected Security Systems (form 335)

Manufacturers of safety and security systems Cybersecurity code of practice (form 343) - available on request

CySPAG Security Equipment Manufacturers Cybersecurity Registration Scheme (form 358)