Why choose a BSIA member?

The BSIA have a wide range or members covering all aspects of security and are responsible for more than 70% of privately provided UK security products and services (by turnover) including the manufacture, distribution and installation of electronic and physical security equipment and the provision of security guarding and consultancy services.

We offer our exclusive directory of our members that quarantees quality assured services that adhere to the most up to date standards offering first class, professional and trusted security services.

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Access & Asset Protection

Physical products to stop people from accessing property or valuables.


Asset Property Marking

Deterring theft and other crimes by through covert or overt security marking. 


Alarm Receiving Centres

Members include software platform authors and signalling/connectivity providers.


Software, certification, training, insurance, vetting, quality assurance and facilities.


Cash & Valuables in Transit

Companies who replenish and protect cash supplies for the business and community.


Crowd Management

Stewarding and safety personnel at events such as concerts, festivals and sports matches.


Export Council

Companies offering security products and services designed specifically for overseas buyers.


Information Destruction

Securely destroying confidential information, including paper,  uniforms and hard-drives. 


Lone Worker

Specialising in providing safety products and services to a wide variety of customers.

Security Officer Services

Personnel for factories, offices, shopping centres, hospitals, airports and venues.


Equipment Manufacturers

Products for applications in commercial, residential and industrial environments.


Security Systems

Companies involved in the installation and monitoring of intruder alarm systems.


Specialist Services

Close Protection, technical surveillance counter measures, IT forensics and cybersecurity.


Training Providers

Providing quality training to security industry personnel working in partnerships.


Vacant Property Protection

Focusing on security measures  when a property is at increased risk of criminal attack.


Video Surveillance Systems

Facial-recognition, remote video monitoring, video smoke detection, and mobile systems.