Information Destruction Guidance

files needing to be shredded

The BSIA Information Destruction (ID) Section consists of companies that securely destroy a range of confidential information, including paper, DVDs and computer hard-drives. The section also destroys items that could potentially cause problems if they fall into the wrong hands, such as branded products and uniforms.

The section highlights the importance of information destruction for businesses and the benefits of using a quality supplier. With identity fraud rising, sensitive information and data needs to be destroyed properly otherwise confidential details can be put at risk. 

The ID section’s work is particularly relevant to the Data Protection Act. Every Data Controller using an information destruction company is required to choose a supplier which provides sufficient guarantees of security measures, including destruction being carried out under contract and evidenced in writing. All BSIA Information Destruction companies offer this quality guarantee.

Section members work to a European Standard for the secure destruction of confidential material (EN 15713) as part of their ISO 9001:2008 inspection.

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Why use EN15713:2009 – compliant information destruction companies (April 2012)
Security Waste Audit (November 2009) 
Information Destruction standard EN 15713:2009 – a complete guide (September 2018) 

EN 15713:2009 provides organisations with recommendations for the management and control of collection, transportation and  destruction of confidential material to ensure such material is disposed or securely and safely

Frequently Asked Questions (November 2009) 

Frequently asked questions on information destruction

Code of ethics for BSIA Information Destruction members (October 2007) 

This code of ethics covers all information destruction services made or supplied by members.

Retention of documents – a guide (February 2019) 

This best practice document will help businesses and individuals understand the basics of record management in order to prevent identify fraud and corporate identity theft.

Public Sector Guide on Information Destruction (July 2015) 

This paper is designed to be used as a guide for public sector agencies, and any organisation wishing to benchmark against that sector, to provide the correct protocols in the destruction of sensitive items and materials. The guide references previously published guidance documents from the Cabinet Office and the Centre for the Protection of national Infrastructure (CPNI) in order to promote the required specifications for data destruction and the importance of secure information destruction thereof.

Form 268
(Members Only)
A guide to changes in BS EN 15713:2009 Secure destruction of confidential material – code of practice (September 2009) Members only

The drafting of this guide has been undertaken on a clause-by-clause basis that highlights changes or additional clauses added to BS EN 15713:2009 from BS 8470:2006 version.

Procuring compliant data destruction services (April 2018) 

A guide to procuring data destruction services compliant with GDPR