Security Systems Guidance


Hold Up Alarms (personal attack) – A Guide (Issue 6 – September 2020)

An information sheet for using a deliberately operated device.

A User Guide to the Use of Internet Protocol (IP) in the Security Industry (June 2007)

This brief document explains most of the security opportunities for local area network/wide area network use from a simple IP-based system to an integrated solution incorporating multiple systems. It is directed towards an end user at an entry-level to guide the use of IP technology in the security industry.

Retention of Documents – A Guide (February 2019) 

This best practice document will help businesses and individuals understand the basics of record management to prevent identity fraud and corporate identity theft.

A User Guide to Intruder and Hold-Up Alarm Systems Incorporating Sub-Systems (June 2021) 

The recommendations apply to sub-systems within I&HAS installed to PD6662. This document has Members only been drawn up to specify acceptable design parameters to minimise the potential for increased false alarms inherent with more complex systems.

Installation of Safety and Security Systems: Cybersecurity Code of Practice

This code of practice does not purport to include all the necessary provisions of a contract.

Guide for Procuring Security Alarm System Services

A guide to intruder alarms in the education sector

Integrated Security Management Systems Guide

Secure your home

A4 flyer giving guidance on securing your home.

Preventing False Alarms Poster (A4)