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Security Systems Guidance

Form 102
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Summary of changes between TS 50131-2-6:2004 and EN 50131-2-6:2008 – a guide (July 2010)

This guide describes, clause by clause, the changes introduced when TS 50131-2-6, opening Members only magnetic contacts, was converted to a standard and became BS EN 50131-2-6 in 2008.

Form 104 
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Scenarios related to BS 8243:2010 Clause 6.4.5 – guidance (September 2010)

Under the PD 6662: 2010 scheme, BS 8243 replaces DD 243 to give requirements for confirmation Members only of intruder alarms. This guide helps with understanding of how systems work when using the method of unsetting described in Clause 6.4.5 (i.e. using a fob). The guide uses diagrams instead of words to describe a variety of possible events to show how the system should respond. For installers this guide will help to answer user questions and for manufacturers it will assist with equipment testing.

Form 107
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Summary of changes to EN 50131-3 from TS 50131-3:2003 TO EN 50131-3:2009 – a guide

This guide describes, clause by clause, the changes introduced when TS 50131-3:2003 was Members only converted to EN 50131-3:2009. (November 2012)

Form 112
(Members Only)
An installer guide to PD6662 compatibility considerations for I&HAS (Issue 1 – March 2011) 

This guide has been developed to help installers and manufacturers during the dual running Members only period of the PD6662 Scheme 2004 and 2010 versions. During the 2 year dual running period which started on 31st May 2010 installers may choose whether to install a system compliant with PD 6662:2004 or PD 6662:2010.

A guide to Hold Up Alarms (HUA) intervention using call back (Issue 3 - September 2020)

A guide to the correct use of using call back for users Hold Up Alarms (HUA) or Personal Attack (PA) systems.

Form 282

Intruder Alarm User Handbook & Logbook for Security Systems installed to European Standards (October 2012)

Handbook containing guidance on the management of a security system. It is based on the requirements of the European Standards. This booklet replaced previous publication 182 – Intruder Alarm Users' Handbook and Logbook and should be used for all new installations.

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