Vacant Property Protection

This section consists of companies focusing on security measures and services introduced when a property is at increased risk of criminal attack because of a change of circumstances in its occupancy. 

Vacant properties are at heightened risk from fire, deterioration and criminal activity. Without adequate protection, these risks can lead to an increase in insurance premiums, significant financial loss and damage to reputation.

Owners and managers of vacant property also have a ‘duty of care’ to anyone entering the building, whether authorised or not.

Therefore, if property is likely to be vacant for any period of time, property owners or managers should seek the services of professional security companies. 

Member companies of the VPP section can provide a variety of products and services to provide an appropriate level of protection for vacant property. Some of these measures include:  security shutters and grilles,  electronic alarms, temporary CCTV and manned security patrols.

The VPP section is committed to providing expert security advice and quality products and services. Section members actively contribute to improving industry standards.

Chairman: Gideon Reichental

Gideon is Commercial Sales Manager for Clearway, who provide a range of insurance and police approved vacant property protection solutions.

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