Why National Shred Day?

National Shred Day is an opportunity for small businesses and members of the public to safely dispose their confidential waste for a nominal donation using the services of the BSIA Information Destruction members. 

All donations will go towards the regional projects carried out by the  independent national charity Crimestoppers.

The inaugural National Shred Day will go ahead on Saturday 2 October 2021 at 15 locations around the UK in carparks provided by Morrison's supermarkets.

National Shred Day is an opportunity to assist in making sure that any confidential waste in people’s homes and small offices can be destroyed in a safe and environmentally positive way.



The confidential paper waste that is collected on the day will be securely shredded on-site before being baled and recycled into paper and tissue products.

Helping you to mitigate ID fraud

No matter how well you may think you've shredded your personal information and confidential waste at home it is not 100% safe from thieves. 
Over lockdown many small companies and independent traders will have stored up a considerable amount and often small shredders will not be sufficient enough to dispose of it safely.


It is essential now more than ever that confidential documented information on people and businesses is destroyed securely to avoid the possibility of fraud occurring, and the BSIA’s ID companies play a crucial role in maintaining confidentiality with all kinds of paper data. For a small donation you can dispose of your data securely and professionally and be assured that they won’t get their hands on your personal information.


Kristian Carter, Information Destruction Chairman, BSIA  

Crimestoppers - official partner of National Shred Day


Crimestoppers collaborates with over 60 partners including commercial organisations, trade associations, government agencies and not for profits to deter criminals across a wide variety of industries, including security.

Protecting your information is a priority to both our charity and BSIA. We are delighted that BSIA recognises the huge value of our work in supporting people and communities to speak up anonymously about crime. 

 I’d like to thank BSIA for using this opportunity to help raise vital funds for our charity and I encourage you all to fully support the first ever UK National Shred Day.

Mark Hallas, Chief Executive, Crimestoppers