Cash & Valuables in Transit

Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT) companies are involved in transporting, storing and sorting cash and other valuables, typically for retail and financial organisations but also for Local Authorities and other members of the public sector where the availability of cash is essential for day to day business.

They play a vital role in replenishing and protecting cash supplies for the business world and the wider community, keeping the economy running.

CVIT operatives are now licensed under the Private Security Industry Act, adding to their high standards of training and security. A range of CVIT services are available to suit the different needs of small, medium and large companies. 

Due to the nature of the CVIT service, unfortunately crime is a real challenge and the industry has suffered significant losses following attacks against cash centres and couriers in the mid 2000's. As a result the industry invests a huge amount in security measures to combat robbery and new technologies are constantly being explored, tested and employed.

These include protective equipment and enhanced training for couriers. CCTV and body cameras, DNA dye and glue to protect cash and target hardening measures in cash centres, on vehicles and at ATMs.

This investment has assisted in reducing successful attacks and rendering much of the money stolen unusable where attacks do occur.

Chairman: Gareth Skinner

Gareth is UK Head of Operational Risk at G4S plc and section chairman of Cash & Valuables in Transit.

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