The future of security - our vision and mission

Our Mission 

Security is about more than wearing a hi-viz vest. Around the clock, every day of the year, officers and guards serve their communities: professionally protecting people, property and places.

We launched our national campaign to raise awareness of the valuable and crucial work security officers do, in partnership with our members and the wider industry..

Being a security officer is a career of choice; with proper pay, a good range of benefits and the chance to progress. Security officers don’t just ‘do a job’, they are highly trained, committed and take pride in their work. 

It's a career choice that’s open to anyone from any background, ethnicity, sexuality or age group. 

Our aim is to change public perception of what it means to be a security officer and encourage more people to consider security as a smart career choice.

Our vision

There are over 300,000 security officers in the UK protecting people at festivals, football grounds, and museums, looking after workplaces, historic buildings and retail outlets, keeping an eye on wind farms, science parks and hospitals. 

We estimate that the industry will have an additional 62,000 new roles available  in 2023. 

Create a more diverse and representative sector

We want to attract people from a wide range of backgrounds to these roles so that the security officer services sector is more representative of the society it protects.

That means creating a sector with:

  • An equal gender balance
  • A wider range of ages represented - from school leavers to career changers, second jobbers and  those nearing retirement
  • Greater representation of ethnic minorities
  • Greater representation of people from the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Greater representation of those with a disability
  • Greater representation of those from challenging backgrounds


Change perceptions of a career in security

We want more people to consider a career in security by eliminating outdated perceptions and highlighting what being a security officer means today.

We want people to think of a role as a security officer as:

  • A career with a great starting salary, recognised pathways for progression and long- term employment opportunities
  • An aspirational choice, removed from the ‘last job in the Job Centre’ and hi-viz vest  stereotypes
  • Open to people from all backgrounds and income-levels and from any period in        your working life - if you’re good with people and trustworthy, there’s a well-paid    job for you.  
  • A modern career that uses the latest systems and technology to protect people,        places and property and make a difference to local communities
  • The chance to join a welcoming and progressive industry.

Update the image of the security services sector

We want to update the way customers and communities think about security. Today’s security officers play a valuable and often unseen role in keeping people, property and places professionally protected. 

Recent events such as the terrorist bombing at Liverpool Women’s Hospital and the Covid-19 pandemic have shown how security officers are often unsung heroes who go above and beyond in their duties. 

We want people to think of a security officer’s work as:

  • An essential, must-have service for a wide range of businesses and industries.
  • Security officer services are worthwhile and worth investing in. 
  • A trusted service which can be relied upon to keep our communities safe.
  • Security officers care about the people, places and property they protect.

In essence, we want to show that the work of our security officers is a vital service to the protection of the United Kingdom’s infrastructure, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.