Security Systems

BSIA Security Systems companies are involved in the installation and monitoring of intruder alarm systems.

The approach of the Police and insurers has a major impact on procedures that installers have to follow, and general public attitudes towards alarm systems.  Consequently, the BSIA spends a great deal of time liaising with organisations such as the National Police Chiefs Council, the Association of British Insurers and the Insurers Property Crime Research Group.

The BSIA also has a close involvement in standards development for intruder alarms systems, and works with inspection and accreditation bodies to ensure that the industry’s needs are met. 

An important recent issue has been ensuring that European standards relating to installation are effectively introduced into the inspection process and communicated to the industry and its customers.

As the industry moves forward, integrating different types of technology, such as access control, VSS and intruder alarms, will become central to ensuring an increasingly functional and secure system for protecting premises.  BSIA members are already developing technologies which can cope with this complex interfacing.

Martin Watson Chairman Security Systems
Chairman: Martin Watson

Martin is Chairman of the BSIA’s Security Systems Section.

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