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Have your say on UK Pavilions at overseas exhibitions

The benefits of exporting can be substantial. Not least the prospect of increasing sales and revenue. There are many rapidly growing economies in the world ready to buy British goods and services and help UK business expand their international reach. Another reason for exporting is increasing a business' ability to compete domestically. The experience gained from working in different markets, such as an increased awareness of other products and services and exposure of new ways to market can enhance business processes.

The benefits of exporting can far outweigh the costs, but being successful requires a commitment of resources, and overseas shows can be the first step in uncovering new prospects and geographic markets for your product or service. In addition, you can often find the right distribution partner who is looking for exactly what you have to offer. Taking part in an overseas exhibition does not need to be expensive and the rewards can be great if you choose the right show.

Download the flyer and express an interest in the shows that could have a UK Pavilion. Exhibiting as part of a UK Pavilion brings many benefits which ultimately help UK exhibitors enjoy a more successful, stress-free and profitable exhibition. As part of a UK Pavilion, UK exporters promote their products and services alongside each other at a reduced cost, and benefit from being located in a prime, central location on the show floor. 

As well as benefiting from prime stand space and the opportunity to exhibit under the 'Great Britain brand', companies exhibiting as part of the UK Pavilion also gain access to a range of top class support from the BSIA. The BSIA takes the strain out of booking stand space, acting as the liaison between exhibitors and the show organisers and provide a complete solution including stand design, stand construction and logistic support with the shipment of goods and products.