Asset and Property Marking

BSIA Asset and Property Marking section members have the common goal of deterring theft and other crimes by rendering stolen goods useless through covert or overt security marking.

Security marking enables police to catch and convict criminals, thus creating a powerful deterrent. 

The BSIA Asset and Property Marking Section focuses on raising the profile of this sector of the industry to maximise usage, as well as generally increasing awareness of the existence of marking systems and how they work.

Other important priorities for this group include developing and promoting relevant industry standards, and highlighting important issues to authorities such as the police, insurance companies and the Home Office.

Property marking is the permanent identification of items to deter thieves. As criminals can be linked to the crime and can be caught and convicted, property marking is a powerful deterrent.

Property is uniquely marked and a corresponding number or code may be registered on a master database. This can also enable stolen property to be returned to its rightful owner.

Other deterrents include smoke based systems that activate coloured smoke in the event of a robbery. Dye based systems activate a coloured, liquid dye in the event of a robbery which also stains banknotes. This makes notes easy to identify as stolen and again supports forensic investigation.

Kevin Howells Chairman APM
Chairman: James Brown

James is Managing Director of Selectamark Security Systems and was elected Chairman in July 2023.

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