Proper pay. Promotion. Unique workplaces. Make a difference – whoever you are.

A security officer might not look how you think. 

The industry isn’t bothered about your age, gender, background or paper qualifications. If you’re good with people and trustworthy, there’s a well-paid job that works for you.  

There has never been a better time to start working in security.

The industry has an estimated 62,000 new roles in 2023. Ready to join?

There have never been so many chances to find a unique, well-paid job with a guaranteed career pathway.

Outdoors or indoors. Full-time or flexible. For school-leavers to retirees, or anyone in-between. 

At music venues, military bases, museums or thousands of other unique places.  Many starting roles pay around £24,000 – close to what a starting teacher earns. And there have never been more chances to boost that fast with promotion.

Find your ideal role today! 

Why I joined the industry - as told by our security officers

Diverse, dedicated, driven

Security is a career of choice we say - and so do our officers - you can read their stories about what gets them out of bed each day.

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Working the doors to MD

You really can work your way up to the top in a career that you love - and that's just what some of the industry leaders did.

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Dogs! Cars! Gadgets! Gigs!

You will be amazed at the variety of roles that our officers carry out day to day, from tech to festivals to training our canine friends.

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For anyone - and everyone

No matter your gender or sexuality, or whether you have a disability our industry welcomes you for who you are. This is an industry for everyone.

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