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Steve Bell: Mobile solutions delivering greater flexibility and site control

Author: Erin/19 July 2017/Categories: Blog

The agility of mobile devices, combined with the aptitude of those using them, is transforming the security landscape and bringing a host of new benefits to the industry.  Here, Steve Bell, Chief Technical Officer at Gallagher Security, looks at how mobile security solutions have advanced over time.

Like most industries, the security sector is embracing the benefits mobile technology can offer security personnel, whose role often extends far beyond the control room. For those who need to perform security tasks away from their desk, mobile devices now offer a level of versatility not seen before.

The need for increased flexibility is fuelling the growing popularity of mobile solutions and the practicality that they afford; a guard can now patrol a company’s grounds with the assurance that if an alarm is triggered anywhere onsite, they’ll be alerted at the same time as the notification reaches the control room.

The more advanced mobile solutions on the market also allow the security manager to control their site remotely; changing the status of access zones, performing site lockdowns or triggering macros to control anything from the air-conditioning to the lighting systems – the possibilities are endless. Using these types of ground-breaking site protection options, security managers can now maintain full awareness and control of their site anywhere, anytime, all from their mobile device.

Another example of this flexibility is mobile phones being used in place of access readers for truly remote access control; staff hours can be accounted for at any location, staff or student’s movements offsite can be recorded for health and safety monitoring, and the need to print an evacuation report from within an evacuated building is all possible using mobile technology.  

Access cards are no longer necessary with smart phones now providing a convenient alternative. Lost or misplaced access cards aren’t a problem as staff can use their phone to access their workplace, creating a more positive user experience.  There’s also great benefits for site administrators who don’t need to encode or physically deliver large numbers of access cards. Now it can all be done quickly and efficiently at the click of a button.

Mobile technologies are creating bold new ways for businesses to solve their operational challenges. By embracing these types of solutions, organisations can improve productivity, increase flexibility and ultimately, achieve cost savings. 


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