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0% burglaries for Schools on the Wirral

Selectamark - protecting the public sector from theft

Security DNA specialists are Chairman Company of the BSIA Asset and property protection sector – Selectamark security systems have been making extremely proactive in working with public sector organisations just like Woodchurch high school on the Wirral. The school currently educates over 1300 pupils and employs more than 220 teaching and non-teaching members of staff.

Before the school opened back in 2010, the new ICT and technical equipment were marked with the latest property marking solution – SelectaDNA by Selectamark security systems.

The SelectaDNA solution has currently prevented the school from becoming a victim of theft and now over 60 schools on the Wirral are using SelectaDNA. 

02 February 2016/Author: Liam Collins/Number of views (4519)/Comments (0)/

Rural Watch Gets Underway In Cheshire

POLICE in Neston, Cheshire West, have held their first Rural Watch meeting to introduce local farmers to anti-theft devices including SelectaDNA forensic marking.

19 January 2016/Author: Liam Collins/Number of views (4221)/Comments (0)/

Northumbria Police Take Pride In Successful Crime Crackdown

Police began Operation Community Pride in the former mining town of Ashington in October 2015. It resulted in an impressive 32 arrests and 21 raids in its first week, mainly for drug-related offences. The Operation continued with the issue of fines, warning letters and protection notices served for various motoring and environmental offences, as well as police visits to troublesome tenants.  The problem of residential burglary was then addressed with the distribution of SelectaDNA property marking kits to homes considered at risk in the area. 

14 January 2016/Author: Liam Collins/Number of views (3863)/Comments (0)/

Festive Warning About Bike Theft & Police Tips To Protect It Over Christmas

A BIKE will be at the top of many children's wish-lists this Christmas, unfortunately it's also at the top of many criminals' hit-lists too.
Bikes are ideal targets for thieves - especially if they have been left unsecured or inside unlocked sheds. It takes minutes for an opportunist thief to spot an unlocked bike and make off with it and hundreds of pounds worth of ‘Christmas present’ can be stolen in an instant.

21 December 2015/Author: Liam Collins/Number of views (4761)/Comments (0)/

Operation Shield Extended After 83% Drop In Burglary In Cheshire West

CHESHIRE Police’s anti-burglary initiative using SelectaDNA forensic marking has been extended to the market town of Frodsham after success in other areas of the county which has seen burglary drop by up to 83%.
09 December 2015/Author: Liam Collins/Number of views (4717)/Comments (0)/