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What is SaferCash?

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SaferCash is a security initiative which aims to reduce the number of attacks on cash-in-transit couriers through the effective sharing of intelligence between the cash in transit industry and Police forces nationwide.

SaferCash is a proven partnership approach between Industry and Police that is approved by the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) and the Home Office. SaferCash has the ability to identify linked offences where Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) are active across Force and Regional boundaries.  In the case of CVIT, OCGs are carrying out attacks nationwide, impacting on local communities and funding other criminal enterprises.

SaferCash is able to draw all the information/intelligence together and to assist in ensuring early industry prevention and early police intervention thus reducing the overall risk and costs of crime to both industry and the community.

Operated by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), SaferCash was established in 2005 and is mainly funded by members of the BSIA's  Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT) section.

Although SaferCash has traditionally concentrated on CViT companies who are members of the BSIA since 2013 it now provides the same service to
major banks and building societies, ATM providers and a major cash holding facility who are now SaferCash members and are benefiting from the SaferCash approach.  

Click here for a listing of all SaferCash members.

SaferCash provides the following services:

• A call centre operating on 24/7, 365 days a year providing immediate support for members who witness a suspicious incident.

• An instant alert process informing members on the ground of imminent threats.

• A national framework for information and intelligence sharing between all stakeholders.

·                    > Bringing together industry and police intelligence and providing a national link between  
              individual police forces.

·                     >Producing Intelligence products to NIM standards enabling early police engagement.

• Identifies Level 2 (cross Force Boundary) linked criminality.

• Provides direct input and supports the National Serious & Organised Crime Strategy.

• Provides dedicated analytical capacity for more focus on prevention and detection.


SaferCash Roles:

SaferCash Industry Liaison Officers (ILO) work in control rooms within the regional hubs, in Police or Industry premises, to link in with local dedicated police officers regarding reports of attacks & suspicious activity. They are positioned to enable effective contact between members subject to attack and police investigating officers. The ILO’s also coordinate police cover for vulnerable services to maximise the amount of cover provided by effective allocation of the resources available.  They are responsible for alerting members of ongoing threats.

SaferCash analysts are police staff employed by their respective Forces but seconded to SaferCash. This is a unique function not currently replicated by any other non-police intelligence element. As police staff located within Regional Intelligence Units the analysts are able to use data from the SaferCash database as well as intelligence received from Industry or Police partners to identify OCGs actively involved in serious offences against members.

Resulting reports are used by Industry to brief staff on emerging and existing risk and threat as well as providing information to assist in target hardening decisions.  To speed up any police response the analysts produce National Intelligence Model (NIM) compliant intelligence products that are utilised directly by Force and Regional Police tasking processes to allocate an appropriate enforcement response without the need for further intelligence development. 

SaferCash provides timely and accurate information to the National Commercial Robbery Working Group and the National ACPO Threat Reduction Board, both bodies make strategic decisions around the response to Serious and Organised Crime.

SaferCash also supports the NCA in the formulation of the National Strategic Assessment for Serious Organised Crime.

Since the current SaferCash model commenced in 2010, total attacks and losses have reduced year on year with the 2016 totals representing a 78% reduction in both. This is as a result of a partnership approach between industry and police with greater intelligence sharing, greater understanding of the problem and focused target hardening and enforcement activity.


Members are able to contact and task SaferCash at any time there is also a Governance Group, with nominated representatives from SaferCash members, NPCC and NCA. The purpose of the group is to provide strategic direction in relation to activities undertaken by SaferCash on behalf of the members.