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Fly-tipping is on the rise, with vacant sites being prime targets

The number of incidents has increased for the third year in a row.

Many asset owners will already be aware of the devastating effects that vandalism and arson can have on a business, as it is expensive and time-consuming to deal with these. Deterring such crimes is difficult, however, as most vandalism, including graffiti and arson, occurs at night and on weekends when sites or properties are vacant. Fly-tipping is also on the rise, with vacant sites being prime targets. The number of incidents has increased for the third year in a row: councils across England and Wales reported 936,090 cases in 2015–16, up 4% on the previous year.


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326 - A minimum compliance checklist for procuring security guarding services

The BSIA have written this guide to aid you in selecting a security guarding company to help you choose the quality of service you require.
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148 Securing a better future

A BSIA guide to careers in the private security industry

The private security industry is an exciting and growing industry where you can work in a variety of roles throughout your career, or specialise in one area – depending on what suits you. Whether you see yourself working in the electronics sector as an installer or manufacturer, enjoy the idea of a customer-facing role or would like to provide security services at events or for individuals requiring special protection, the private security industry has a role for you.

Download our guide and find out more about the perks of joining our industry, and how bodies and initiatives such as the British Security Industry Association, Skills for Security, Jobcentre Plus, Remploy, Bridging the Gap and the Career Transition Partnership can help you make a smooth transition to a career in security.
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231 Code of Practice for Security Searches

This Code of Practice is for the conducting of searches by persons employed to ensure the security of property and persons. It is a voluntary Code that companies can choose to comply with as an indication of their quality of service and conduct.
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Top 10 Most Common Problems with Licence Application Forms

This document outlines the top 10 problems that the SIA experience with licence application forms.
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