Lone Worker

More than six million people in the UK work either in isolation or without direct supervision, often in places or circumstances that put them at potential risk.

A wide variety of organisations and industry sectors employ people whose jobs require them to work or operate alone, either regularly or occasionally.

Almost by definition, lone working can be both intimidating and at times dangerous, so the protection of lone workers involves a twofold approach; not only to provide safeguards but also to offer reassurance to the people involved.

If your business employs lone workers, you should be aware of your legal obligations to keep lone workers safe, and you should also:

Understand legal responsibilities as an employer (or occupier of a premises).

Ensure a risk assessment is carried out and strategies implemented to provide safe working environment for the lone worker.

Ensure that they have the relevant resources, training and information to work on their own safely.

Have procedures to deal with a lone worker having an accident or signalling an emergency.

Chairman: Naz Dossa

Naz is CEO of PeopleSafe and was elected chair of the Lone worker section in 2020.

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